Opal Engagement Rings, a unique and individual choice for that special person!

If you're looking for the perfect engagement ring to celebrate your love, you've probably already heard of the fabulous, incredible Opal gemstone...but have you considered an Opal Engagement Ring? Australian Opal jewellery is often not associated with engagement rings as Diamonds have held the hearts and minds of the general public for the last few decades...but the beauty of this stunning stone has made it very popular with women who prefer a more natural stone setting for their rings, and/or something unique or individual.


Australian Opal consists of several billion molecules held together by a mysterious bonds, that actually holds rainbows suspended as a gemstone! Opals are literally rainbows that have turned to stone!. Opals are durable even under the harshest of conditions. In fact, one of the reasons why Opals are so popular as wedding rings is because they look so beautiful, and they are so absolutely unique and individual and, completely free of even a hint of “conflict”, absolutely free from the accusation of slave trade or contraband!


Opal engagement ring


Opal Engagement rings


Opals have been around since the dawn of time and for most of history have enjoyed the most incredible prestige and favor. Opals were the engagement ring of choice for hundreds of years and very highly valued by royalty. Allegedly the De Beers cartel had to discredit Opal to bump them off the list as an engagement ring gemstone and they did this by commissioning a book by Sir Walter Scott that was about a cursed Opal. Fortunately (for Opal) the truth about the true value of Diamonds, and their conenction to abuses such as child slavery and arms dealing in Africa have turned many off wearing them, and as Australian Opal is completely natural and 100% conflict free they are growing in renewed popularity!


An Opal engagement ring is usually set within a yellow gold band and has a classic “Tiffany-style” design. There are many variations to the classic engagement ring style of setting and the beauty of working with Opal is most Australian Opal cutters and jewellers know how to create the most amazingly beautiful settings so you can design something that really suits you (as opposed to Diamond where most Diamond engagement rings are mass produced).


Australian Opal Cutters has been creating stunning Opal Gemstone Rings for many years, so you're guaranteed to find an exquisite choice to match any taste.

 Opal gold engagement ring


Opal Engagement Rings set in Rose Gold


Because Rose Gold is a rarer form of Gold this makes an excellent choice for Opal engagement rings. Rose gold is modern, contemporary and lends itself to bespoke hand-crafted designs or sophisticated and complex ‘antique’ styles. Rose gold give you that ‘edge’ of difference to make your ring just that little bit more unique.


Diamond opal engagement ring

Boulder Opal and Black Opal Engagement Rings


Boulder is another popular choice when it comes to engagement rings. This type of Opal exudes a beautiful luster that can even have hints of fire upon viewing it at a distance. Because of the unique surface cut and freeform shape of Boulder Opal the beauty of Boulder Opal is more evident (more obvious) than other gems. This is the same with Black Opals, this is why they are often the choice for a contemporary engagement ring, they are just so unique and strikingly beautiful. They have the “wow” factor that a 2 carat Diamond has without having to ask the terrible question “did this diamond fund a dictatorship or terrorism somewhere?” See some stunning options for boulder and black Opal rings here.

 Diamond opal engagement ring

Opal Engagement Rings set with Diamonds


Opals can be set with any complimentary gemstone. Lab grown diamonds are an option for those who are absolutely determined to avoid the ‘blood Diamond’ problem, and Opals work brilliantly with Diamonds, Cubic Zirconias, Swarovski Crystals, Emeralds, Sapphires or Rubies.


Whatever your choice Opals will give you a ring that represents the uniqueness of your own journey. An Opal will separate you from the crowd and redefine the story in your own words. Opals set you free from the “1 Carat or more” comparison that can put so much social pressure on a relationship or a social engagement. Opals give you the ability to write your own story!


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