The Truth Behind Synthetic Opal - How To Stay Safe While Shopping

Learn how to distinguish authentic opal from synthetic gems and shop safely with expert tips and insights.

Opal: Nature's Crown Jewel

Discover what makes these natural wonders so rare, valuable, and sought after by collectors and jewelers alike.

Beginner’s Guide: What Are the Different Types of Opals?

Whether you're an avid gem admirer, or just a curious individual, explore the different types of opals, their unique features, and how to identify them.

A Short Guide To Successfully Selling Opals Online

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Ethiopian Water Test - A Valuable Method for Verifying Hydrophane Characteristics of Opal

Discovering the porous world of hydrophane opal unveils insights crucial for the jewelry industry's understanding and handling of this absorbent gemstone.

The Art of Opals - Famous Artworks that Feature the Gem

Opals have been the centre of fascination for decades, with their aura of mystery being the centre of artists' inspiration, from ancient civilisations to the modern day.

Renowned Opals in History

Many well-renowned opals have captivated the public's interest throughout history, leaving behind a blend of mesmerising tales and stunning aesthetics.

The Significance of Jewellery

The act of wearing specific items of jewellery often holds a much deeper emotional or spiritual significance than simply showcasing an extra visual accessory. 

The Ultimate Guide to Opal Jewellery for Men: Finding the Perfect Piece

Gone are the days of traditional men’s accessories of simplistic watches and chains; opal jewellery is here to add that pop of style to your wardrobe, effortlessly elevating your look from ordinary to extraordinary.

Opal Care: How to Care and Maintain Your Jewellery

Opals are a rarity within nature and must be treated with the utmost care to ensure they retain their vibrancy and integrity. 

Opal Earrings: Adding the History of Elegance to Your Style

Find out how opal earrings have added a bespoke sense of elegance and style to outfits for centuries!

Opal Brightness - The Hidden Factor You Need to Know

Determining the value of an opal can be difficult, but it's brightness can offer great insight into its rarity, and hence its value.