Opal & Pearl Education

Opal Education

Opal is the only gem on earth where you can literally ‘hold a rainbow in your hand’. Precious opal supplies are diminishing. They are a resource that we don’t expect it last much longer, in fact Boulder Opal has nearly all been mined out already! This is a gemstone that is a true investment and (like people) each opal is absolutely unique!

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We are here to help you learn about the different types of Opals and separate fact from fiction.

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Opal Valuation

Your Opal is worth classifying correctly! Protect yourself and your customers by accurately defining your Opal and classifying it correctly.


Opal Explained

Symbolizing the eternal link between earth and the heavens with a Rainbow representing ‘an eternal promise’.

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Pearl Education

A Pearl is a living gem, and each Pearl is a miracle of nature. A Pearl is the accumulation of a slightly translucent material, called nacre or mother-of-Pearl, similar to the lining found on the inside of nacreous shells. This is what gives a Pearl its unique lustre and iridescence. It takes thousands of very thin layers of this nacre to make a single Pearl.

Pearl Explained

Long known as the 'Queen of Gems' natural Pearls were once the "exclusive domain" of the rich and powerful, of royalty!

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