The beauty of Stainless Steel Jewellery

Stainless Steel Jewellery

Stainless steel is an incredibly affordable material to create hypoallergenic and scratch resistant pieces of jewellery. Stainless steel is far more resistant to damage than gold and silver is and retains its beauty for life.

Stainless steel is produced in different quality grades; our grade is 316L. This ensures that you will NOT get any allergic reactions in any way (which is a huge relief for those who have sensitive skin). 316L grade is nickel free, lead free and cadmium free. These are the elements that cause skin irritation and cause the problems.

Stainless steel in silver in colour when produced however the Rhodium Plating (which is the same plating used on Silver and White Gold settings is also applied to Stainless Steel jewellery!

The plating used on stainless steel is also hypoallergenic and more resistant than plating used on cheap 'costume' jewellery. Plating on stainless steel is completed through the PVD process. PVD plating is a long lasting plating method that is guaranteed for life.

Stainless steel is also water resistant, or water Proof and doesn't tarnish.
As stainless steel doesn't tarnish, it retains its beauty with minimal care.


Genuine Natural Australian Opal

Australian Opal is a versatile gemstone. Because every single Opal is unique you will not see a lot of mass production, more individually designed pieces with uniquely styled settings to match each hand-cut Opal gemstone. This actually works out perfectly, as you really want a piece of jewellery that reflects your individual style and taste and not just some “machine made” (Pandora-style) mass consumer item. You are unique and so is your Opal!

Men’s and Women’s Opal Jewellery

Australian Opal is popular across the gender divide. As Opal is individual and unique and (unlike Diamond, Emerald or Ruby) has not developed “stereotypes” Opal can be fashioned to provide jewellery pieces that are masculine or feminine modern or ‘antique’ (classic) with equal ease and adaptability. Boulder Opal looks fantastic on men when designed in a silver or leather bracelet, or a beautiful Black Opal "Boss ring" that will 'blow away' anyone who looks at it, and as with women’s designs Opal really is conducive to a multitude of styles and tastes from Victorian, to Art Deco or a modern/contemporary design.

Opal Rings

Opal Rings truly show off their colour beautifully as they are constantly moving and turning and catch the light allowing the rainbow colours to dance and leap off your hand! You will get a lot of those “wow” comments when you wear an Opal ring!. You can wear Opal every-day, it is so versatile!. You can swim in it, shower, do the dishes. Just remember that any gemstone will crack or chip if it comes into contact with a hard surface (even Diamond) so make sure you have a strong setting. This is why bezel settings are great for Opal. The boundary of Gold or Platinum that surrounds the gemstone acts as a 'wall' keeping the Opal safe and secure.



Opal Pendants

Triplet Pendant

Opal Pendants are simply stunning. A “boulder” Opal necklace (or pendant) will be absolutely unique as every Boulder Opal is strikingly unique in cut, colour, pattern and shape!. No-one else will have anything like you!

Make sure you purchase an Opal with a good value representation across the 14 characteristics of valuation (see OpalHome for more information).


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