Is Opal a Good Choice For Jewellery?

Opal jewellery has long been a favourite with gemstone lovers from Nations all over the world since the beginning of recorded history. From the first glimpses of Opal in the Carpathian mines in pre-Roman times Opal has continued to be sought after as a wonder and as a gemstone with rich deep mysteries almost unbelievable colour and reportedly mystical powers.


The Value of Opal Jewellery

The value of a piece of Opal jewellery is determined by more than 14 characteristics that have to be carefully assessed before determining value. Opal valuation is complex and challenging, but it is worth the effort as Opal is arguably the worlds #1 most valuable commercially available gemstone. Opals magnificent colour and captivating translucence properties make it unique and highly sought after.

 Australian opal jewellery


Where opals are found

Opal jewellery is made from naturally occurring deposits found primarily in Australia where Opal is the ‘National Gemstone’ and the State Emblem. Very small amounts of Opal are found in Brazil, Canada, China, Czech Republic, India, Italy, Japan, Russia & South Africa however these Opals do not have the incredibly rich and striking “patterns” that the Australian Opal have and the colour is only rarely comparable to the bright ‘fire’ in the Australian Opal.


How Opals are formed

Opal is formed from calcite and dolomite and is regularly set in necklaces and as Opal pendants. Due to the success of Adam Sandlers “Uncut Gems” movie and the “Opal Hunters” Series, Opal is increasingly rapidly in popularity and regularly used to design intricate jewellery items like Opal rings, Opal earrings, Opal pendant necklaces and Opal bracelets. Opal forms in varied (and rare) colours like fuchsia, green, white, yellow and even black Opal with deep dark hues and incredibly bright “fire”. This allows jewellery to be crafted into any desired colour combination with or without additional gemstones.


The unqiueness of opals

Opal is unique in the sense that it can have a variety of completely natural colours. Unlike diamond (and other gems) which require faceting or some form of artificial treatment to reveal the colour; the colours can range from very light to deep purple and even black naturally.

 Opal earrings


It is important when you buy Opal jewellery to look at both the quality and the condition of the stone and purchase from an Opal valuer who can give you a certificate that covers all of the 14 characteristics of the gem.


Today Opal jewellery from Australia is very valuable. Opal has been mined in Australia since the 19th century but it is now sold internationally.


Where to buy opals

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