In 1967, Grandfather Jack Musgrave Blaiklock, a New Zealander, a wholesale jewellery trader moved to Australia with his son Graeme Blaiklock. Graeme fell in love with the jewellery industry. His recollection of the visits to New Zealand by the royal family and the incredible jewellery they wore struck a chord. Graeme also introduced a ‘travelling-roadshow-style’ method of promotion to local jewellers and traded successfully with this model for many years.

In 1982, Graeme started his own Opal company, Australian Opal Cutters, in Sydney, Australia. He was inspired by a local limousine driver whose guests complained that they could “get better prices back home”. Graeme went 'wholesale-direct' which, in the 1980's ruffled a lot of feathers with competitors (today the internet has made everything 'wholesale-direct'). From these humble beginnings grew the word-of-mouth phenomenon that is “Australian Opal Cutters.”


Today Australian Opal Cutters has grown to be the world’s leading producer of skillfully cut and polished Opals and Opal jewellery. 30+ years later the company, still family-owned and run by Jason Blaiklock (3rd generation family member), and has a global reach with customers in over 38 countries.

Australian Opal Cutters has two areas of expertise:

  • 1) cutting and polishing loose Opals and
  • 2) creating hand-crafted jewellery products.