Australian Opal Cutters have one of the largest range of loose opals for sale online or through visiting our Sydney store. Our collection includes Boulder opals, Black opals, Cyrstal opals, gemstones, doublets, triplets, whichever your choice of type, you will find your perfect opal right here.

Our loose opals range in price from just $5 up to $5000, with a large choice of types, sizes and prices to suit everyone. 

Black opals and Boulder Opals are absolutely magnificent gemstones. Arguably the rarest of all Opal gems, Boulder Opal is a diminishing resource (which means it is genuinely running out). Each Opal is unique, each gemstone is hand-carved from 'veins' of Opal colour that ebb and flow through the heart of the ironstone. If you are looking for a genuinely rare form of Opal that is incredibly unique, then Boulder Opal is the one!

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