Opals in Aboriginal Mythology

Opals hold significant cultural and spiritual importance in the Mythology of the Indigenous peoples of Australia, particularly the Aboriginal communities.  

Further down you can read the Story of the great creative Spirit "Garray".


Indigenous Aboriginal elders from the Yolgnu tribes in Arnhem land say that when the earth was covered with water, the great creative spirit "Garray" created the Rainbow as a promise of his great love for Balirrpalirr, or the Spirit of mankind.


The Mokuy, the evil spirit, were jealous of this love and caused a terrible drought so that the rainbow would never be seen by the beloved Balirrpalirr.


Garray however...

Placed the rainbow inside the stone and hid it in the ground, hiding the gift for future generations to search and find.

The Mokuy looked everywhere but could not find it. 


The Stone Garray placed the Rainbow in is the DHUYU BIRRIMBIRR. The rainbow gem that represents the spirit of mankind. It is considered to be "Garray Gunda" - The Creators Gemstone!