Opal, the birthstone of October

Opal, the birthstone of October

What is a birthstone?

Birthstones are gems that are associated with a birth month, each stone has a unique meaning and significance. Since the 5th century a.D., people connected a certain gem to a certain month or astrological alignment and thought that they would receive therapeutic benefits for wearing one during that time.

Opal has been one of the most popular and influential gemstones throughout human history. Many ancient cultures believed in supernatural powers of opal. In ancient Greece, opal was associated with protection from disease and with the power of foresight, the Romans thought of opal as a symbol of love and hope. Opal had such a huge popularity in Roman culture, that a legend states that a Roman emperor once offered to trade one third of his empire for an opal. 

The special attributes of opal have been preserved over centuries and in 1912, opal was pronounced the official birthstone of the month October by the ‘National Association of Jewelers of America’. Nowadays, it is said that opal increases creativity and encourages freedom and independence.

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What makes opal so special?

In comparison to diamond, which is regarded as one of the rarest gemstones on earth, the black opal is around 5000x more rare. Additionally, opal can have a huge variety of color, pattern, shape, transparency, hue, body tone, etc. Sometimes, an opal can even display the beauty of a whole rainbow! The colors are formed inside the gemstone by a particular set of conditions and events. The phenomenon from which the opal is born is called a catalytic process where the silica molecules align in perfect patterns and structures. It still remains a mystery how the process takes place, but the thing scientists are sure of is that water molecules bond with silica forming a new molecule, the Opal. Therefore, every opal is a unique and timeless gemstone and a perfect gift for a loved one born in October.

There are different kinds of opals: White opal, which is the most common, boulder opal, expected to run out of supply in a few years and black opal. Black opal is the rarest and most valuable form of opal, showing the best play of color. If you want to have the stunning beauty of a black opal, but for a lower price, doublets or triplets are a great option.These look as good as a black opal, while having a lower share of opal in them.

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Why is opal such a great gift for people born in October?

Australian Opal Cutters combines one of the rarest treasures of nature with exquisite craftsmanship to create a unique piece of jewelry. This makes opal a deeply personal gift for a family member, close friend or partner. While opal jewelry is a symbol of love and appreciation, it is also a good asset to own. Due to a high loss factor during the cutting process and a diminishing supply paired with a growing demand, the value of opal is expected to increase in the short and long term. If you want to buy an opal as an investment, boulder opal is the best choice. The supply is expected to run out in the next 10 years, leading to an increase in value of around 15% per year!

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We hope that this short blog post has offered you some valuable insights into the fascinating world of opals! Australian Opal Cutters offers the best price, quality and service to every customer. All of our jewelry comes with a certificate of authenticity, providing you with 100% complete confidence in the quality of your purchase.

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