Boulder Opal  was first discovered in a small town called Blackall in central Queensland, Australia in 1869. Many discoveries were made during the 1870’s but it wasn’t until the 1890’s when boulder opal was introduced in Europe and has gradually gained its name & its value in the gem industry.

Boulder opals are easily distinguished by their layer of solid brown ironstone left on the back of the stone. Boulder opals, as the name suggests, are mined from large ironstone boulders under the ground. Thin veins of colourful opal forms in cracks and fissures in these boulders.

Arguably the rarest of all Opal gems Boulder Opal is a diminishing resource (which means it is genuinely running out). Each Opal is unique, each Australian Opal Cutters gemstone is hand-carved from 'veins' of Opal colour that ebb and flow through the heart of the ironstone. A Boulder Opal ring is a genuinely unique, individual and collectible piece of bespoke Jewellery!

Boulder Opal rings in silver, gold, white gold or platinum are absolutely stunning. Because each Boulder Opal has a unique shape and colour each ring is individual and never to be repeated. This makes wearing a Boulder Opal ring a very precious and individual experience, and one that will always receive endless compliments and comments of admiration from friends and colleagues. 

Closer To The Throne is another milestone for Australian Opal Cutters. Learn about our Royal connection to the Royal Family and the "Boulder Opal" - A gift for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by Australian Opal Cutters.

Have your ring hand-designed, create a unique gift that is memorable and authentic!

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We came in literally to get out of the rain. Next time we’ll just have to get wet. Marjan let us in to the fabulous showroom. He showed my wife so many styles of opals, the workshop, and the large collection of opals, which is the largest in Sydney. Be warned, once you come in, you won’t be allowed out without buying. Just kidding. Really a first class buying experience.

Cheap and best quality OPAL stone at the heart of Sydney CBD.
You can take OPAL lessons also at the same place.

we have chance to find someone who speak french. she showed us the different opals and explained the differences for each type of opal. it was very interesting

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It is a very nice shop! I got some very lovely pearl earrings as a souvenir. Very friendly employees. 

Technical Specifications

Genuine Natural Australian Boulder Opal consists of a hydrated amorphous form of concretions of SiO2·nH2O silica consisting of spheres of silicon dioxide molecules arranged in regular, closely packed planes filling the cracks and crevices of Boulder Opal ironstone found remotely in Queensland Australia.  Boulder Opal is a diminishing resource with anecdotal evidence suggesting increases in value of up to 15% per annum. Guaranteed free of dyes and artificial colour.

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