Australian Boulder Opal is an absolutely magnificent gemstone. Arguably the rarest of all Opal gems Boulder Opal is a diminishing resource (which means it is genuinely running out). Each Opal is unique, each gemstone is hand-carved from 'veins' of Opal colour that ebb and flow through the heart of the ironstone. Boulder Opal pendants are designed around the incredible beauty that occurs within the free-flowing surface of the Opal with the Gemstones natural 'Ironstone' often appearing on the surface (which adds character and individuality).

Boulder Opal Pendants are an absolutely unique gift. Individual, creative, expressive they reflect the absolute miracle that is natural Opal Formation.

A History of Opal

Technical Specifications

Genuine Natural Australian Boulder Opal consists of a hydrated amorphous form of concretions of SiO2·nH2O silica consisting of spheres of silicon dioxide molecules arranged in regular, closely packed planes filling the cracks and crevices of Boulder Opal ironstone found remotely in Queensland Australia.  Boulder Opal is a diminishing resource with anecdotal evidence suggesting increases in value of up to 15% per annum. Guaranteed free of dyes and artificial colour.

With one of the most environmentally friendly mining methods on earth, Boulder Opal is a truly sustainable gemstone and, as a correspondingly diminishing resource, a sound investment!

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I have had dealings with AOC before and I was very happy with the experience. Once again I visited the showroom and was warmly welcomed by Maria. As with all the staff I have encountered, she was well informed, friendly and above all - patient! I purchased two opal rings and they resized them for me while I had lunch. That was great service. I have been extremely happy with all aspects of each of my visits to AOC i.e the staff, quality of the opals and the service. I thoroughly recommend this business. Jennifer from Newcastle

Great Customer Service

We were interested in rings. We were shown a wide selection and given plenty of time to look at each one. We never felt pressured. We purchased an opal ring and are very satisfied. They sized the ring in about 3 hours. We walked around downtown and came back and it was ready. Since we were not Australian citizens they gave us all the information that was needed to get the tax back when we went through customs at the airport.

Ordered a set to be made of a bracelet and necklace. ....absolutely beautiful. ..excellent customer service..fantastic products

Beautiful selection of opals all sizes and all colours. Would recommend these to everyone. Totally enjoyed our visit.

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