Boulder Opal Earrings are usually cut from a single Boulder Opal or are split along the seam where a "vein" or "seam" of Opal flows through the heart of a piece of Boulder Opal "Rough" from the Ironstone-rich country in Queenslands North. These remote regions are so dry and inhospitable that they produce trapped 'rainbows' like this is a miracle (Hold a Rainbow).

Technical Specifications

Genuine Natural Australian Boulder Opal consists of a hydrated amorphous form of concretions of SiO2·nH2O silica consisting of spheres of silicon dioxide molecules arranged in regular, closely packed planes filling the cracks and crevices of Boulder Opal ironstone found remotely in Queensland Australia.  Boulder Opal is a diminishing resource with anecdotal evidence suggesting increases in value of up to 15% per annum. Guaranteed free of dyes and artificial colour.

Opal Formation Video

At Australian Opal Cutters we have been hand-making bespoke jewellery for almost 60 years. Our factory and workshop is where any design, sketch or concept can be manufactured to the same level of quality and excellence that we provided to the Royal Family with  Commissions to the House of Windsor Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince Charles and Camilla! (Royal Jewellers)

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