The Beauty of Opal Rings: From Timeless Classics to Modern Designs

Imagine wearing a piece of the Earth's #1 most valuable gemstone. The colour play gloriously scintillating on your finger—opal rings make this dream a reality. Opals are more than just gemstones. They’re bespoke displays of art, and Australian opal rings offer the perfect opportunity for you to wear an entirely unique piece of Australian, conflict-free and ethically sourced jewellery that aligns with your own style and personal taste. 

In this journey through opal jewellery, we'll delve into the unique charm of opal, drawing from the depths of black opals to the classic elegance of solitaire styles. The experienced team at Australian Opal Cutters, renowned for crafting excellent opal jewellery, is committed to helping you select or even create a customised piece, whether it be a modern design or a classic delight. Let's dive in and help you discover an opal ring that mirrors your individuality.

The Unique Charm of Opal Stones

Opal stones are a marvel of nature, “creations miracle”, and are renowned for their breathtaking colours and huge diversity of patterns. These gems come alive with a mesmerising interplay of colour, with each individual opal telling a story of its own. Opals can range from delicate pastels to fiery reds, with some rare pieces displaying the “full spectrum” (all the colours) in a single stone.

While every opal is unique, they are not all are created equal. Some stand out as the best (“kingys”) and capture our attention more than others, possessing a perfect combination of vibrant colours, patterns, and clarity. These are the opals that steal hearts and inspire awe, making them the choice for exquisite opal rings.

Among the opal family, the black opal ring holds a special place. Its deep, rich colour, often accompanied by flashes of vibrant hues, makes it a true masterpiece. The ‘black’ in black opal comes from Iron oxide which deepens the base tone from a light grey through to “N1” black (this deep midnight black is rarer than red diamonds). The black opal only comes from a small 30km square field in Lightning Ridge in Northern NSW. The complete size of the area is only 30 kilometres, and the only Black opal mines in existence are found here. Compare this to well over 100,000 kilometres of diamond mines currently active and in operation!  

This opulent gemstone is highly coveted for its rarity and beauty, and it has become a staple of the best modern opal jewellery collections. As we journey through the world of opal rings and their many designs, we'll explore not just their inherent charm but also the craftsmanship that elevates them to unparalleled elegance.

Timeless Classic Designs

In the world of opal rings, classic designs hold a special place, offering an elegance that transcends trends and time. Whether you lean towards traditional simplicity or prefer a blend of classic and modern, opal rings offer a world of choices that mirror your unique style. The classic solitaire opal ring and the halo design are two classic designs that have endured trends and remain highly sought-after pieces of jewellery.

Classic Solitaire Opal Ring: Elegance in Simplicity

The solitaire opal ring is a masterpiece of simplicity. It features a single opal as the centrepiece, stealing the limelight with its enchanting play of colours. This timeless design appeals to traditionalists who appreciate understated elegance. The solitaire allows the opal's natural beauty to shine, making it a cherished choice for those looking to enjoy the opulence of a single opal stone. This can be set with a bezel setting, claws or ‘prongs’.

Halo Design: Modern Sophistication Meets Classic Elegance

For those looking for a touch of modern sophistication without sacrificing classic charm, the ‘half bezel’ halo design is a perfect match. This style places a central opal in a captivating spotlight, encircled by sections of bezel setting at each end and can be complemented by any combination of shimmering stone accents. The beauty of this design lies in its ability to enhance the opal's colours and patterns, making each ring a unique masterpiece. These opal rings can be customised, ensuring you can personalise your individual ring to perfection.

Modern Aesthetics in Opal Ring Designs

Contemporary opal rings speak to the modern spirit of individuality and self-expression. Whether you're drawn to the drama of black opals or the inventive world of contemporary settings, modern opal rings offer a canvas for individual expression.

Asymmetry and Innovation

Contemporary opal rings often break away from symmetrical norms, creating one-of-a-kind designs that embrace asymmetry and innovation. Originality has become the key, and this ensures that all wearers can enjoy a truly bespoke piece that speaks to their own individuality. Innovative settings and unconventional shapes are often used to amplify the opal's natural beauty, making each piece a striking statement.

Spotlight on Black Opal Rings

Black opal rings have emerged as icons of today’s opal jewellery scene. Their deep, rich colour, often set against contrasting metals, exudes an edgy allure. Black opals are captivating, offering a dramatic and vibrant presence that draws admirers like moths to a flame, and their popularity is no coincidence. Their intense colours and distinctive patterns make them perfect for bold, contemporary creations. They add a touch of mystery and drama that resonates with those seeking jewellery that stands out.

Ensuring Quality – A Buyer's Guide

When the time comes to select your very own opal ring, it can be an exciting yet overwhelming process. With so many providers and a range of different opals to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re selecting a quality opal ring?

Identify Good Colour Ranges and Patterns

Quality opals display a spectrum of colours that dance like fire. Look for opals with vibrant, evenly distributed hues. A good opal should exhibit rich, mesmerising patterns that seamlessly blend with one another. While it’s important to avoid opals with visible cracks or dull colours, reputable providers like Australian Opal Cutters do not sell poor quality opals, saving you the trouble of purchasing an opal ring with diminished quality.

A Well-Crafted and Sturdy Setting for the Stone

A beautiful opal deserves a worthy setting, but this is often forgotten by consumers who are often too captivated by the opal itself to notice the setting! Ensure the ring is well-crafted and sturdy, checking that the setting securely holds the opal in place and protects it from daily wear and tear. Settings come in a variety of colours and materials like silver or gold, but your chosen opal provider can assist you in selecting a setting that suits your preferences and blends with the hues of your opal.

Proper Care and Maintenance

Once you've found the perfect opal ring, it’s time to maintain and cherish it for a lifetime. While opals have often been noted as delicate, they are indeed hard-wearing pieces of jewellery that can withstand wear and tear. However, to keep your opal ring in the best possible condition, store it carefully and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth and gentle care will preserve their lasting beauty.


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Embrace the timeless allure of opal rings, where elegance and individuality unite in mesmerising beauty. From classic solitaires to contemporary marvels, opals offer a world of choices. For expert advice in selecting the perfect opal ring for you, visit the Australian Opal Cutters showroom and speak to the friendly team of experienced opal enthusiasts! With a huge range of opal rings and a custom opal jewellery service, you’re sure to leave with a bespoke opal ring designed just for you!