How To Care For Pearls

Care for Pearls

For Pearls:

  • Pearls are organic gems, so should avoid acidic products.
  • "Last thing you put on, first thing you take off."
  • Don't store together with harder gemstones.
  • Polish them with a soft cloth periodically.
  • Re-String them if the silk cord looks dirty or starts to loosen.
  • Re-string every few years on a silk cord and knotted between each pearl.

Pearls are an organic yet exquisite wonder of nature. They are also quite unique in their care and maintenance, and cannot be treated like any other jewellery you may own. This is due to the pearls composition, as they are made of organic proteins, which can easily be dissolved or harmed due to outside forces.

Most pearls fall victim to the various acids that are present within daily life that can, over time, weaken the structure of the pearl and diminish its once-vibrant shine. Continue reading for an elaborate guide on caring for your pearls.

How to Clean Your Pearls

  • After you wear your jewellery, wipe it down with a soft cloth.
  • Buildups of oils or other substances can damage your jewellery. To avoid this, it is recommended that your pieces are wiped down with a cloth regularly.
  • Clean with a damp cloth, only if necessary.
  • You should never clean your pearls with steam, or in a jewellery cleaner; such methods pose a risk of damaging the outer layer of the pearl, an instance that cannot be repaired. Instead, use a damp cloth if there are any visible stains. Do NOT submerge your pearls in water, as that will weaken the string that holds your jewellery together.
  • Only store your jewellery when it is dry, never damp.

Another thing that should be considered is taking your pearls to an experienced jeweller once a year. This will ensure that the jewellery can be checked thoroughly for any significant damage, or wear to the pearls or string itself.

Pearl Storage: Clear Tips and Tricks
Pearls should be stored carefully, and away from objects (such as other jewellery) that may scratch or harm the surfaces. Wrap the pearls in a soft cloth, place them in a soft pouch, or keep them in a soft-lined jewellery box. Airtight packages or containers should be avoided at all costs. Pearls need moisture to thrive, and risk cracking if not given the proper environment.