The Precious Stones seen in the Word of God

A range of gemstones are mentioned in the Bible, particularly the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation. Gemstones often play a vital and fascinating role in the Bible, being seen as a deceleration of wealth for kings and rulers, as well as a sign of divine creation. 
Throughout the Bible and creation the Holy Spirit marshals the wealth of typology and symbolism fulfilling His great function (John 16:13-15) in telling forth the glories of God which shine forth in our Lord Jesus Christ. This reaches a marvellous climax in the closing book of Revelation. We see the various colours/glories shine out in Joseph’s coat and in the various articles of the tabernacle. In the Revelation the Holy Spirit calls into requisition sun and stars, scrolls and seals, seas and ships, sacred altars and sharpened sickles all of which contribute to the marvellous merits of the Lord Jesus in His many vocations.
As Son of Man, He is described in His prevailing might, consuming the Divine purpose, with the seven stars, the sealed roles, the sacred censer and the sharpened sickle successively in His hand. These are in turn related to His administrative power in the Church, His executive right in creation and His mediatorial office in the commonwealth of His Kingdom.
The Jasper stone in the context of (Rev 4) is the finest form of Diamond, one of clearest lustre and sets forth Christ’s character which ENDURED as well as His character which is so DESIRABLE. In this contest there is the rainbow about the throne of God reassuring man of the covenant made with Noah that the earth would never again be destroyed by a flood (Gen 9:13) and that even in judgment there is mercy. The nature of Christ is thus represented as crystal clear, in the whiteness of perfect light, so transparently lovely and beauteous in its transcendent lustre. 
This represents His essential pureness, His holy character which is unmarred, unblemished, and unspotted by any taint or stain. He is holy, guileless and undefiled. The merging of these many virtues, which harmonize so perfectly and blend so delicately, warrants the greatest admiration and calls for our devoutest adoration!
Aside from Christ Jesus, the Lord of Glory, where are we to look for a stable foundation in support of moral purity? Where else are we to find a final standard of spiritual piety? Where may we turn for access to the spring of truth and drink at its fountain and secure a lasting satisfaction? Indeed “He is altogether lovely” and “Unto us therefore which believe He is the preciousness …” Solomon’s Song 5:16; 1Pet 2:7 JND


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