Show Love with Opal - How to Find the Perfect Gift

Show Love with Opal

How to Find the Perfect Gift

Cesar's in ancient Rome gifted opals to their wives, believing the gem to represent good fortune, hope, and purity. Early Greek scholars and citizens thought that opals could bestow the owner the power of foresight. Even in recent years, there have been beliefs around the stone, as some believe that the wearing of opal “brings loyalty, faithfulness, and spontaneity”. 

Throughout history, the gift of opal has been a deeply personal one, as many believed that these stones contained powers of protection; because of this, when an opal was received, it was therefore cherished, and protected by its wearer. 

As a gemstone, opal has always been associated with love and passion. This means that - especially in recent times - this stone makes a wonderful gift for a close loved-one, or friend. It is quite a tragedy that opal is not often considered for the role of ‘appreciation’ and ‘love’; this role has been left to diamonds, which have held the hearts and minds of the general public for the past few decades. Opal shines through with its beauty, with no two gemstones being alike. 

Australian Opal consists of several billion molecules held together by a mysterious bond that actually holds rainbows suspended as a gemstone! Opals are literally rainbows that have turned to stone!. Opals are durable even under the harshest of conditions. In fact, one of the reasons why Opals are so popular as wedding rings is because they look so beautiful, and they are so absolutely unique and individual and, completely free of even a hint of ‘conflict’, absolutely free from the accusation of slave trade or contraband!

How to Choose the Perfect Gift

Jewellery makes a fantastic present for any occasion. If you are looking to treat a special loved-one or friend, the choices might seem overwhelming. Overall, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Who Are You Buying For ?

Your personal relationship should take the forefront, regardless of the occasion. It is important to know your audience, in addition to seeing whether something would be ‘appropriate’. Knowing your audience will also allow for a better sense of what will ‘work’. If your partner, friend, or relative, has a more busy lifestyle, then a simple piece of jewellery - possibly some understated studs, or small opal necklace - would work best. 

What is Your Budget ?

Budget is an important thing to consider when entering a jewellery store, but this should not deter you. Opals come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, colours, and cuts, all of these having a direct impact on the cost; this means that regardless of your budget, the likelihood of finding something suitable is always in your favour. 

What is The Occasion ?

The time and place that the recipient will open the gift is also significant. A milestone birthday, christening, or engagement, will be drastically different from a casual get-together, which means you must plan ahead and sense what layer of ‘extravagance’ is needed. Regardless of the occasion, it is always a safe idea to celebrate with an opal.