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Triplet Opal 10x8mm Pendant set in Stainless Steel



Gem Australian Colour. You are holding a rainbow in your hand when you hold the intense red, blue or orange 'fire' in this captivating triplet Opal pendant. Set in a bold stainless steel bezel setting the leaf pattern and design are the perfect compliment to the firey outback colours. You will discover elements of the elusive "pinfire" pattern, "chaff" or "straw" pattern and the ever present "rolling flash" pattern that will delight you and your friends! Guaranteed to stay bright and clear we provide a lifetime guarantee and warranty against delamination. A genuine natural Triplet Opal with a full spectrum display of natural rainbow colours ranging from green-blue to red-orange with Opal patterns such as 'rolling-flash', 'chaff', 'pinfire' and 'floral'. Measuring 9 mm x 7 mm in diameter this precious Opal triplet is set in a solid Stainless steel pendant setting securely holding the Opal in place and is electronically micro plated (coated) with 18 karat white gold rhodium plating giving the clasp an incredibly bright and durable finish. The pendant setting has a bale which is secured to the under-rail setting making the pendant readily wearable in most outdoor settings and able to be worn in mild sporting activity. The back of the Opal pendant is open to make cleaning, polishing and maintenance of the pendant simple. The Opal pendant is completely free from any artificial colour treatments or enhancements and is 100% natural Australian Opal. This pendant is also guaranteed to be 100% safe for wear in and around water and has an international lifetime guarantee against delamination.

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