Australian Light Opal 4.50 Carats Loose (Un- Set) Gemstone

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Natural White (or "Light") Australian solid Opal from Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge or Andamooka N7-N9 Body Tone, Light Opal is Opal presented in one piece in its natural state (apart from cutting or polishing), and is of substantially homogenous chemical composition. If the Opal is lighter than N7, and its tone corresponds to N7-N9 on the scale of body tone, then it is classified as ‘Light’ Opal. If, in addition, this Opal has a distinct hue (colour), it is additionally classified as (for example), a ‘Light-blue Opal’. Light Opal has been known to occur in limited quantities all many Opal fields however Coober Pedy and Andamooka are the fields most recognised as the producers of Light Opal. Set as a pair of Earrings which makes the "set" rare and valuable as matching "pairs" in any form of Opal is difficult. This Opal is guaranteed to be 100% Natural and free from artificial treatments or chemical enhancements.

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