Learn more about Opals & Pearls

Introduction - Emma Mullings

Opal History

Lightning Ridge

Opal Formation

Created Opal

Underground Mine

Opal Hunters


Graeme Blaiklock - Aussie Specialists

2020 OPAL


Discussing Ethiopian Opal

2018 AOC 3 Minute (Arabic)

2018 OPAL (Arabic)

Cruise - Lightning Ridge 2018

2018 OPAL

AOC 3 Minute-HD

AOC 3 Minute-HD

Majestic Boulder Opal

Guest TV Emma Mullings

Australian Opal Cutters - An Introduction

AOC Introduction

Fun facts Opal

Opalised Dinosaurs

Australian Opal Cutters - An Intro by Emma Mullings

The TRUE VALUE of heirlooms!

Graeme Blaiklock - Sawing Boulder Opal

Vivid Opal Screensaver-Large

The Lucky Gem from the Lucky Country

Gods Opal Art Vivid Africa

God's Opal Art #2 Vivid Africa

Graeme Blaiklock Ethiopian Opal

God's Opal Art #1 "Aurora"

Guest TV Emma Mullings

Kimberly Sunset

On Golden Pond

Opal Fossils and "Millions of Years"

On Golden Pond

Eye of Opal

The Worlds Most Valuable Opal

Opal Fossils and "Millions of Years"

How To Design Jewelry

A New History of Opal

Opal Fossils and "Millions of Years"


How To Care For Opals

History 2

History - 1

About Us - 1

Repair Remodel Remake V3

Valuation 4

Closer to the Throne


Shaping the opal

Sanding the opal

Royal Wedding Jewelry Manufacture

Polishing the opal

Opal Movie

Opal History Movie

Opal Cutting Experience

About Us - 2

How Opals are being made

Cutting opal

Australian Opal Cutters - How to Cut Opal

Africa - An Incredible Black Opal From Australian Opal Cutters


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