Opal Types-


Australia mines 97% of the world's different types of Opals. These include the stunning Black Opals, Boulder Opals, White Opals, Cystal Opals, and Opal Doublets and Triplets. These are made into beautiful varieties of opal rings, opal earringsopal pendants and necklaces. The other 3% come from Mexico, Brazil, Ethiopia and Hungary but are not the same quality that Australian Opalis world renowned for.

The Australian Opal fields were once an inland sea. As the ages passed and the seas receded, sea creatures were isolated, marooned, and Opalised. Eventually the area dried out completely and is now dry desert country. In time the ground waters, holding silica solution, also evaporated (with some artesian springs still active deep "underground"). In a few spots they left behind the phenomenon known as 'Opal'.