Custom Made Pearl Jewelry

Since Australian Pearls are so versatile, Australian Pearl Divers are available to design any custom piece of Pearl Jewelry at an affordable price – thanks to the modern culturing process.

Custom Pearl Jewelry still carries the refinement and sophistication that makes Australian Pearls the most sought-after jewelry globally. From the earliest recorded history, Pearl Jewelry has been a symbol of Royalty, Prestige, Class and Elegance.

To design Custom Pearl Jewelry, it’s as simple as selecting a pearl, sketching a design and having our professional jewellers manufacture a unique piece of Pearl Jewelry tailored to your specifications.

From Pearl Nose Rings to Pearl Watches, custom pieces are available in various colours and styles. At Australian Pearl Divers, we have a lavish selection of 100% Genuine Australian loose precious pearls, from the well-known Australian South Sea Pearls, super rare Black Pearl, Tahitian Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Keshi Pearls, Mabe Pearls to De Perlas Australis.

Today is the perfect time to order a stunning piece of Custom-Made Pearl Jewelry from the comfort of your own home. So, contact us today if you have an idea for a bespoke Pearl Ring, Pearl Necklace, Pearl Earring or anything else. We will make your fantasy a reality.

Australian Pearl Divers has 60 years of specialisation in the pearl business, thousands of happy customers worldwide, our warranty and service guarantee! Shop our Custom-Made Opal Jewelry for more unique selections or complete the look with more Pearl Jewelry to match your Custom-Made Pearl Jewelry.


Design Your Own Pearl Jewelry

Book an appointment with one of our talented jewelers today to design your very own custom made pearl Jewelry.

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Choosing Your Gold Type

Gold is generally the most popular choice for bespoke jewelry; Rings, Earrings, Pendants, Necklaces and Bracelets. However, there are two things to consider when looking at gold. First, which gold carat to choose and second, the gold colour or the combination of gold colours available.

In practical terms, 18k generally holds up to everyday wear better than 9k and tends to look better than 9k as it ages over the years. This is one of the reasons why 18k is normally the preferred form of bespoke jewelry. However, 18k is more expensive than 14k and 10k, which can be a noticeable difference in a large men's ring.

Types of Gold to choose from for your bespoke piece from Australian Pearl Divers:

gold type 1gold type 2

Designing the Perfect Pearl Necklace

The various lengths of Pearl Necklaces can represent different meanings. For a modern choice, Pearl Chokers are especially popular for younger women. While longer strands of Pearl Necklaces are more popular among mature women. Sophisticated Pearl Necklaces are incredibly versatile, from single-strand, multi-strand, chokers, princess lengths and more.

For a more dazzling piece, you could enrich your Pearl Necklace with a halo of diamond or include intricate details such as floral designs, Opal features, elegant Australian Gold, durable Stainless Steel, luxurious White Gold or contemporary Rose Gold. Various embellishments are available for you!

Whatever you do, rest assured you will "know" when it is ready to go for manufacture. Once you have completed your sketch, you have the additional option of getting an email AutoCAD Render. Once you have this, you will be able to further amend or adjust your design. We can 'tweak' the rendered design until you are 100% happy!

Designing the Perfect Earrings

Once you find the loose pearls you want for your pearl earrings, simply sketch up your design! From practical everyday Pearl Stud Earrings to Pearl Drop Earrings more suited for special events or as a statement piece, these "classic" earring settings allow the Pearl to be the hero of your piece.

Experiment with different drop lengths – from short, medium, to long – for different heights of luxury. Pearl Earrings look gorgeous when coupled with dazzling diamonds; Pearl and Diamond Earrings add a touch of lavish bling to any outfit. Or, for a more modern Pearl Earring style, Pearl Hoop Earrings are definitely a show-stopping choice.

Designing the Perfect Ring

Ring design can be beautifully simple or complex and sophisticated. Make sure you look at what the wearer already enjoys wearing! Pieces that are loved and worn continually are a fantastic 'guide' to revealing what design will be not only received with joy but loved and enjoyed for decades.

Whether you 'get creative' or 'keep it simple', you can be assured that this is only the 'draft stage'. Every ring has the option of having a CAD file emailed to make sure that there is absolutely no confusion. If you select the CAD service, you can also make changes to the design. This is great for anyone who is excited to be designing a ring but is just not 100% sure that they are happy with the design.

pendant earring ring

The Step-by-Step Process of Making Your Custom Jewelry

1. Placing Your Order

An Australian Opal Cutters Representative will work closely with you to design your unique one-of-a-kind piece, carefully taking notes for each and every instruction you request. They then forward the notes to the Production team in Sydney, Australia, to begin the manufacturing process. You can then get a graphic rendering of your design emailed to you for final approval.

2. Wax Model

In the wax department, a hand-carved wax model is crafted by a master jeweller. This can take up to 40 hours! As each individual jewelry design has its own rubber mold hand-made.

3. Casting

The casting department then pours liquid investment metal over the wax model and into the oven overnight so the wax can evaporate. Liquid gold is then poured in to form the jewelry piece. Once the gold solidifies, the casting team breaks the investment open, revealing your design.

4. Inspection

Australian Opal Cutters trained jewellers pay incredible attention to detail, assuring each jewelry item is manufactured with the finest quality standards at every stage.

5. Polishing

The polishing department then performs cleaning, final touch-ups and polishing. Three different types of brushes are used to polish the jewelry to a mirror finish properly.

6. Stone Setting

In the setting department, the stone setter carefully sets each gem to ensure security and ensures the gems are not compromised. Finally, the piece is transferred back to the polishing department for the final finishing steps.

7. Quality Control

The piece is then inspected for a thorough quality control check. The assembly, sturdiness of the stone setting, and polishing quality are inspected to ensure the jewelry item meets Australian Opal Cutters quality standards. Each and every item also receives a certificate of value with an international guarantee and warranty that will protect your purchase for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Custom Made Pearl Jewelry Cost?

To calculate how much Custom-Made Pearl Jewelry costs, jewellers employ various elements, which contribute to how valuable Pearl Jewelry is. The most critical include:

Pearl Type – each type of pearl has a different value. When appraising Pearl Jewelry, the most crucial consideration is whether it is natural or cultured. It makes no difference whether a pearl is saltwater or freshwater in terms of worth. But natural pearls are far more expensive than cultured pearls.

Pearl Size – larger pearls are more precious than smaller ones.

Pearl Colour – there are many different and more desirable colours of pearls.

Pearl Shape – the rounder a pearl is, the more valuable it is.

Pearl Lustre – more valuable pearls have a glossy sheen.

Pearl Surface Quality – the more surface defects a pearl has, the lower its value.

Pearl Jewelry Type – different jewelry pieces require different amounts of pearls. For example, Real Pearl Earrings typically feature only two pearls and are more inexpensive than a Pearl Strand, which requires dozens of beautiful pearls. 

Australian South Sea Pearls, which naturally look white or gold, are the most valuable and expensive Pearl on the market today. Although in general, a pearl's worth ranges from $300 to $1500.

No matter what type of Pearl Jewelry Piece you purchase, pearls are a long-term investment. The highest-quality pearls are incredibly durable, hence why vintage Pearl Jewelry is still so valuable today. If you invest in Custom-Made Pearl Jewelry, they make beautiful and precious heirloom pieces to pass down to future generations in your family.

What is Bespoke Pearl Jewelry?

The industry term for Custom Pearl Jewelry is “bespoke”, which is an exciting and refreshing process that will give you a piece of jewelry that is truly yours, something that you actually had a part in creating. Bespoke Jewelry is extremely meaningful and makes your jewelry that more precious and sentimental. See more Tips for getting your Jewelry design “just right.”

What is the Best Pearl for Custom-Made Pearl Jewelry?

Australian South Sea Pearls are considered the most valuable and rarest variety of pearls for Pearl Jewelry, a stunning lifetime adornment for any occasion. Our Custom Pearl Jewelry can feature classic sterling silver, Australian gold, contemporary rose gold, or for added bling dazzling diamonds and precious Opals.

The value of each pearl is based on availability, demand, and rarity. However, the standard retail price for Custom Pearl Jewelry can range from $5,000 to $200,000 and sometimes more.

While Australian South Sea Pearls are the best pearl variety for custom jewelry, the best Pearl Jewelry will feature natural pearls instead of cultured pearls. This is because before the depletion of natural pearl beds, about a century ago, all pearls discovered were “natural pearls”. But due to their rarity today, natural pearls are far more expensive than cultured pearls, which are cultivated by human interaction.

Pearls organically grow in a variety of shapes and sizes – ranging from circles to teardrops – but for Pearl Jewelry, the completely round pearl is the most sought after and valuable shape. Although, in modern times, there is a strong demand for baroque Pearl Jewelry because of its unique individual shape.

What Pearls are Available for Custom Made Pearl Jewelry?

Custom Made Australian South Sea Pearl Jewelry – commonly referred to as “The Most Sought-After Pearls in the World” is the epitome of romance and allure. No jewelry is more “perfect” than a classic white Australian South Sea Pearl. The retail price for a South Sea Pearl Necklaces can range from $5,000 to $200,000 and sometimes more.

Custom Made Black Pearl Jewelry – Natural Black Pearls are more costly and intriguing than their off-white counterparts. And with good reason, while Black Pearls can be found in the ocean organically, it takes extremely rare conditions to form; as a result, organic Black Pearls are extremely rare. However, thanks to modern technology, high-quality organic White Pearls may be dyed black, creating pearls with that dark to recreate the enchanting iridescent dark appearance natural to Black Pearls. 

Custom Made Tahitian Pearl Jewelry – grown in the French Polynesian region, and these exceptional pearls display a wide array of beautiful colours. They can be either round, almost round, baroque or circle. These strands may now be purchased for anything from $2 and $4000.

Custom Made Freshwater Pearl Jewelry – also known as Pure Pearls and grows in freshwater mussels, with about 95% of production coming from China. They come in various shapes such as a droplet, button and oval, the rarest being round.

Custom Made Keshi Pearl Jewelry – are small non-nucleated pearls composed entirely of nacre. The pearl is extremely rare and only found in the Sea of Japan and is the closest we can get to natural pearls. Their irregular shapes make for eye-catching and beautiful pieces. Keshi Pearls range from 9mm to 20mm and in colours grey, blue, green, pink and yellow.

Custom Made Mabe Pearl Jewelry – has a dome/hemispherical shape and is commonly known as “blister” pearls. They are formed by placing “disks” inside pearl oyster shells instead of a bead or ‘seed’ to act as the nucleus. They appear in multiple colours such as cream, white, gold, silver and green peacock. They are mainly produced in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Custom Made De Perlas Australis Pearl Jewelry – are South Sea Pearls produced from the majestic Gigas Clam Species and appear black or white. The key difference with a De Perlas South Sea Pearl is that the nucleus is carefully coated and polished to achieve a near-perfect shape.

What if it is Not What I Expected?

As we make every item by hand from solid gold, we can make this item fit your exact specifications. If you do not like your item when it is completed, we will re-make the item so you are completely satisfied.

Our company policy is ‘we do not rest until you are happy’ we will even make it again if we need to. Plus, each and every item will receive a certificate of value with an international guarantee and warranty that will protect your purchase for life.

Wouldn’t I Be Better Having My Jeweller Create the Design?

Our jewellers have been working with Opals for over 60 years. We know how to set the gems without damaging them and complete designs so that your jewelry will be safe to wear for many years to come.

When it comes to Opals, we are the experts! Our guarantee is, “Once your design has been carefully manufactured, gem/s are set and polished to perfection, we will insure your design under our own international shipping policy and provide this one simple guarantee if you are not happy, send it back, and we will re-make your design.” We will not rest until you are happy!

Remember, you can book the CAD email service, so you will see exactly what your design will look like before manufacturing.