Coated South Sea Pearl Strand set with a Rhodium plated magnetic clasp. Pearls are a 'perfect' 10mm matching strand with a "Matinee" strand length of 63 cm (25 inches) 

A matching sequence of forty (40) glorious coated south sea Pearls each with a diameter of 10mm create the ultimate classic white pearl strand.  Set to the "princess" length of eighteen inches (18") these Coated South Sea Pearl have been threaded with double-knotted silk and finished with a magnetic clasp made from solid Stainless steel and electronically micro plated (coated) with 18 karat white gold rhodium plating giving the clasp an incredibly bright and durable finish. The Pearl displays an exceptional lustre, fine skin and perfect round shape and is set in a simple and classic strand layout that has endured as one of the most classically and desirable pieces of jewellery ever created.

 The strand is tightly knotted so that there is little 'give' or space for the pearls to move between the knots. The silk will gradually loosen and the pearls will eventually have a slight amount of play, which should occur after approximately six (6) weeks of general wear and/or light outdoor activities. This is the quintessential piece of jewellery and is the foundation for every jewellery collection. The design is timeless  yet can be worn just as easily with relaxed casual wear to do the gardening or at an exclusive champagne event. These Pearls are covered by an international lifetime warranty and moneyback guarantee and are guaranteed to be safe for wear in water and/or light contact with general household cleaning agents.


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