Welcome to Australian Opal Cutters! 4 Generations + over 60 years + 1 Million customers from every nation on earth! Every item is guaranteed for life with our lifetime warranty and service guarantee!

From Rough Opal with colour in carats or kilos, Australian Opal Cutters offers a variety of fossilised shells, snails, belemnites, dinosaur fossils and other crystal Opal gems. Or, you may be on the lookout for rough boulder Opal (uncut and ready for shaping and sanding). Boulder Opal splits and pairs or earring pairs. Whatever you are after Australian Opal Cutters has arguably the largest range in Australia!

Opal doublets and triplets are hand-made, set and repaired on the premises in the Sydney factory showroom and workshop. You can see Opals being cut, polished and set and every item is guaranteed to be free of dyes and treatments (unlike much of the Ethiopian Opal or created Opal which is basically fake).

Guaranteed for life with an international lifetime warranty your rings, pendants, earrings, bracelet and brooches will be safe and secure with our international service guarantee and repair program!

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